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Saturday, July 8, 2017

GATE Manufacturing Engineering Previous Year Questions: Metrology and Inspection Set-2

Gate Manufacturing Engineering Previous Year Questions [1997-2017]

Metrology and Inspection: SET-2

Q11. In CAD package, mirror image of a 2D point P (5, 10) is to be obtained about a line which passes through the origin and makes and angle 45 deg. counter clockwise with the X-axis. The coordinate of the transformed point will be [ME: 2013]
A. (7.5, 5)
B. (10, 5)
C. (7.5, -5)
D. (10, -5)
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Q12. Flatness of slip gauges is checked with [PI: 1989]
A. Interferometer
B. Optical flat
C. Electronic comparator
D. Linear bar and bevel protractor
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Q13. For angle measurement in metrology, the following pair can be used in conjunction with each other [PI: 1991]
A. sine bar and vernier callipers
B. bevel protractor and slip gauges
C. slip gauges and slip bar
D. sine bar and bevel protractor
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Q14. Outside micrometer is calibrated with the help of [PI: 1991]
A. inside micrometer
B. depth micrometer
C. ring gauges
D. slip gauges
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Q15. In mass manufacturing, two holes in a plate type of component are ideally located with the help of [PI: 1992]
A. one solid pin in the large hole and one diamond pin in the smaller hole
B. two solid pin in either holes
C. two diamond pins in either holes
D. one solid pin in the smaller hole and one diamond pin the larger hole
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Q16. The most widely used reinforcement in modern day FRP tennis racket is [PI: 1992]
A. glass
B. carbon
C. aluminium
D. magnesium
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Q17. Powder metallurgical compound have [PI: 1992]
A. same density as that of cast products
B. higher density than cast products
C. lower density than cast products
D. higher density than forged products
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Q18. TO obtain dimension of 61.18 mm using slip gauges, the most appropriate combination is [PI: 1992]
A. 1.18 + 50.00 + 10.00
B. 0.08 + 1.10 + 60.00
C. 1.08 + 1.10 + 50.00 + 10.00
D. 1.08 + 1.10 + 50.00 + 9.00
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Q19. Abbe's principle of alignment is used is followed in [PI: 1995]
A. Vernier calipers
B. depth vernier
C. internal caliper micrometer
D. height vernier
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Q20. The geometric tolerance that does not need a datum for its specification is [PI: 2007]
A. Concentricity
B. Run out
C. Perpendicularity
D. Flatness
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