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Thursday, July 6, 2017

GATE Manufacturing Engineering Previous Year Questions: Sheet Metal Operation Set-1

Gate Manufacturing Engineering Previous Year Questions [1997-2017]

Sheet Metal Operation: SET-1

Q1. Wrinkling is a common defect found is [ME: 1987]
A. Bent components
B. Deep drawn components
C. Embossed components
D. Blanked component
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Q2. In deep drawing of sheets, the values of limiting drawing ratio depends on [ME: 1994]
A. percentage elongation of the sheet
B. yield strength of the sheet
C. type of press used
D. thickness of sheet
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Q3. Identify the stress strain in flange portion of a partially drawn cylinder cup when deep drawing without a blank holder [ME: 1999]
A. tensile in all three direction
B. no stress in the flange at all, because there is no blank holder
C. tensile stress in one direction and compressive stress in other direction
D. tensile in two direction and compressive in third direction
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Q4. The cutting force in punching and blanking operation mainly depends on [ME: 2001]
A. The modulus of elasticity of the material
B. The shear strength of the material
C. The bulk modulus of the material
D. The yield strength of the material
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Q5. In blanking operation the clearance is provided on [ME: 2002]
A. The die
B. The punch
C. Both die and punch equally
D. Neither the punch nor the die
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Q6. In progressive die(for sheet metal), spring loaded stripper plate is used to clamp the stock until [PI: 1991]
A. The punch penetrates twice the stock thickness
B. It removes wrinkles on the product edges
C. Automatic feeder plate release it
D. Punch is completely withdrawn from the stock
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Q7. Wall thickness of drawn cup is controlled by [PI: 1992]
A. Deep drawing
B. Reverse drawing
C. Redrawing
D. Ironing
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Q8. In a bending operation, if the modulus of elasticity E is increased keeping all other parameters unchanged, the spring back will [PI: 1994]
A. increase
B. decrease
C. remains unchanged
D. be independent of E
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Q9. In blanking operation, the best way to improve the smoothness and secureness of the edges is to [PI: 1994]
A. have reduced gap between punch and die
B. increase the ductility of the sheet
C. decrease the speed of blanking
D. provide shear on the punch
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Q10. The function of draw bead in the deep drawing operation is to [PI: 1994]
A. produce a balance between the amount of stretching and drawing
B. produce a circular groove on the flange
C. reduce the drawing load
D. reduce the wrinkle on the flange
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