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Saturday, July 8, 2017

GATE Manufacturing Engineering Previous Year Questions: Metrology and Inspection Set-3

Gate Manufacturing Engineering Previous Year Questions [1997-2017]

Metrology and Inspection: SET-3

Q21. Which one of the instrument is a comparator [PI: 2007]
A. Tool makers microscope
B. GO/NOGO gauge
C. Optical interferometer
D. Dial gauge
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Q22. An autocollimator is used to [PI: 2009]
A. Measure small angular displacements on flat surfaces
B. Compare known and unknown dimensions
C. Measure the flatness error
D. Measure roundness error between enters
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Q23. Which one of the following is modelled based on adaptation capabilities of biological systems ? [PI: 2013]
A. Relational database
B. Fuzzy system
C. Simulated annealing algorithm
D. Genetic algorithm
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Q24. Which one of the following instrument is widley used to check and calibrated geometric featues of machine tools during their assembly [ME: 2014, SET-1]
A. Ultrasonic probe
B. Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
C. Laser interferometer
D. Vernier callipers
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Q25. The flatness of a machine bed can be measured using [ME: 2014, SET-1]
A. Vernier Callipers
B. Auto collimator
C. Height gauge
D. Tool maker's microscope
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