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Thursday, July 6, 2017

GATE Manufacturing Engineering Previous Year Questions: Metal Forming Set-2

Gate Manufacturing Engineering Previous Year Questions [1997-2017]

Metal Forming: SET-2

Q1. Collapsible tube are made by [PI: 1989]
A. Drawing
B. Spinning
C. Extrusion
D. Rolling
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Q2. Semi brittle materials can be extruded by [PI: 1990]
A. impact extrusion
B. closed cavity extrusion
C. hydrostatic extrusion
D. backward extrusion
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Q3. Thread rolling is restricted to [PI: 1992]
A. ferrous materials
B. ductile materials
C. hard materials
D. none of these
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Q4. A moving mandrel is used in [PI: 1994]
A. wire drawing
B. tube drawing
C. metal cutting
D. forging
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Q5. Which one of the following manufacturing processes requires the provision of 'gutters' [PI: 1994]
A. closed die forging
B. centrifugal casting
C. investment casting
D. impact extrusion
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Q6. Flash and gutter are provided in drop forging dies at the following stages: [PI: 2005]
A. Blocking
B. Performing(Edgering)
C. Finishing
D. Fullering
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Q7. The maximum possible percentage reduction in area per pass during wire drawing of an ideal plastic material without friction is of the order of [PI: 2007]
A. 37
B. 50
C. 63
D. 75
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Q8. Anisotropy in rolled components is caused by [PI: 2009]
A. Change in dimension
B. Scale formation
C. Closure of defects
D. Grain orientation
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Q9. Hot die steel, used for large solid dies in drop forging, should necessarily have [PI: 2010]
A. high strength and high copper content
B. high hardness and low harden-ability
C. high toughness and low thermal conductivity
D. high hardness and high thermal conductivity
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Q10. In a rolling process, the state of stress of material undergoing deformation is [PI: 2013]
A. pure compression
B. pure shear
C. compression and shear
D. tension and shear
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