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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

GATE Manufacturing Engineering Previous Year Questions: Metal Casting Set-3

Gate Manufacturing Engineering Previous Year Questions [1997-2017]

Metal Casting: SET-3

21. In a gating system, the ratio 1:2:4 represents [ME:2010]
A. sprue base area: runner area: ingate area
B. pouring basin area: ingate area: runner area
C. sprue base area: ingate area: casting area
D. runner area: ingate area: casting area

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22. Green sand mould indicates that [ME:2011]
A. Polymeric mould has been cured
B. Mould has been totally dried
C. Mould is green in colour
D. Mould contains moisture

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23. Negative allowance is provided on the pattern to take care of [PI: 1989]
A. The distortion allowance
B. The draft allowance
C. The machining allowance
D. The shake allowance

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24. The process by which shell like castings (like toys) are made is [PI: 1989]
A. Shell moulding
B. Centrifugal casting
C. Slush casting
D. Die casting

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25. For the same material, powder metallurgy process is superior to casting for [PI: 1989]
A. Making large conducts
B. Better control over the density of product
C. Better strength of the finished product
D. Making parts with wide variations of thickness at different

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26. Green strength in powder metallurgy refers to the strength of [PI: 1989]
A. The original material
B. The powder before compaction
C. The powder after compaction
D. The product after sintering and compaction

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27. Shrinkage allowance on pattern is provided to compensate for shrinkage when [PI: 1989]
A. The temperature of liquid metal drops from pouring to freezing temperature
B. The metal changes from liquid to solid state at freezing temperature
C. The temperature of the solid phase drops from freezing to room temperature
D. The temperature of the metal drops from pouring to room temperature

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28. For casting of turbine blade made of high temp and high strength alloys, the most suitable process is [PI: 1990]
A. Die casting
B. Investment casting
C. Centrifugal casting
D. Slush casting

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29. When there is no room temp change, the total shrinkage allowance on a patterns is independent of [PI: 1990]
A. Pouring temp of the liquid metal
B. Freezing temperature of the liquid metal
C. The component size
C. Coefficient of thermal contraction of solidified metal

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30. The optimum pouring time for a casting depends on several factors. One important factor among them is [PI: 1991]
A. Location of raiser
B. Porosity of sand mould
C. Fluidity of casting metal
C. Area of the pouring basin

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