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Thursday, June 29, 2017

GATE Manufacturing Engineering Previous Year Questions: Metal Casting Set-5

Gate Manufacturing Engineering Previous Year Questions [1997-2017]

Metal Casting: SET-5

41. In a hollow cylinder parts made by centrifugal casting, the density of the part is [PI: 2008]
A. Maximum at the outer region
B. Maximum at the inner region
C. Maximum at the mid point between outer and inner surfaces
D. Uniform throughout

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42. Hot chamber die casting is not suited for [PI: 2009]
A. Lead and its alloys
B. Zinc and its alloys
C. Tin and its alloys
D. Aluminium and its alloys

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43. Solidification time of a metallic alloy casting is [PI: 2010]
A. Directly proportional to its surface area
B. inversely proportional to the specific heat of the cast material
C. inversely proportional to the thermal diffusively of the mould material
D. inversely proportional to the pouring temp

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44. During the filling process of a given sand mould cavity by molten metal through a horizontal runner of circular C.S, the frictional head loss of the molten metal in the runner will increase with the [PI: 2010]
A. Increase in runner diameter
B. Decrease internal surface roughness of the runner
C. Decrease in length of runner
D. Increase in average velocity of molten metal

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45. In sand casting fludity of the molten metal increases with [PI: 2011]
A. Increase in degree of superheat
B. Decrease in pouring rate
C. Increase in thermal conductivity of the mould
D. Increase in sand grain size

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46. Which of the following casting processes uses expandable pattern and expandable mould [PI: 2011]
A. Shell mould casting
B. Investment Casting
C. Pressure die casting
D. Centrifugal casting

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47. Tot tearing in a metal casting is due to [ME: 2014, SET-3]
A. high fluidity
B. high melt temperature
C. wide rang of solidification temperature
D. low coefficient of thermal expansion

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